We help determine the buying decisions of your customers so they keep coming back to your company rather than going to the competition.

Customer satisfaction doesn’t always lead to customer loyalty. Even if your customers are completely satisfied with your product or service, 40% will leave and start doing business with the competition. Customers decide how and when they want to do business with you.

Being customer focused is essential in today’s business environment. First identify customer needs and values; then develop a plan of action to meet their requirements.

Many organizations have invested in CRM systems to help determine their customer performance. Despite these investments, they may find that these systems offer little information as to why customers choose to purchase from their organization or defect to the competition. Data from these systems may determine buying patterns, product needs and sales performance but they don’t explain the values or motivators of individual customers.

Customer Loyalty

Customers may attempt to reveal this personal information to their sales representative but the challenge with this form of data collection is that the information may be distorted. Distorted because the customer does not express their concerns honestly or because the sales person interprets the information based on what they want to hear. Customers may not disclose the full extend of their concerns to the sales person in fear of disrupting their existing relationship.

By accurately understanding what drives and motivates the customer to make their purchase decisions, organizations can then develop successful sales processes and services based on those needs. Organizations can stand out from the competition by building rapport and understanding the values of the customer.

PROFIT by Loyalty coordinates multi-dimensional measurements to determine customer loyalty and the values they attach to their purchase decisions. Our techniques, involve a thorough analysis of current customers, defected customers and future customers. The unbiased insights gained from our customer loyalty assessment assist management in creating successful business strategies and objectives.

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