Determining and utilizing the motivators of your employees will unleash the excitement and commitment within them to do their absolute best for you and your customer.

Employees are motivated in their job when they feel they contribute to the success of the company, when they participate in decisions, when they influence the process of their job, when they are recognized for their accomplishments and when they know what is expected of them.

Although these factors may motivate, all of these factors will not be consistent for each employee. To be effective, the manager must determine and apply individual motivators to propel commitment to the organization.

By knowing what drives the commitment of your employees, or their personal relationship to your organization, you can create a positive environment that delivers tangible results quickly.

To understand the critical importance of employee commitment, you need to answer a couple of questions:
What is your employee turnover?
What is the average cost of replacing an employee?

employee service

The first question should be easy to get but the second question may require some calculation. The costs add up when you factor in lost production of the vacant position and even lost production of fellow team members; add in advertising costs and corporate recruiter fees to additional supervision and overtime; also add in the costs from departure of the employee to the interview process and reference checking. This doesn’t even include the costs of training and production loss while this new hire reaches the confident and competent stage of their job.

Remember, these are the replacement costs; nothing in this process prevents it from happening again and again. Think about the costs that are wasted year after year.

Bottom-line . . . organizations need to find a way to secure the commitment of their employees.

PROFIT by Loyalty conducts multi-dimensional diagnostics that measure employee commitment and their motivators while determining the challenges of the organization. Our techniques, based on confidentiality, allow employees to express their assessment of the organization honestly without fear of jeopardizing their career. Their honest feedback and our objective data develop the foundation of your action plan to success.

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